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Head to Head Comparison - Naturally Huge vs. VigRX Plus

Our goal at is to provide men with all the research and information you'll need to make an informed decision and buy the highest quality sexual enhancement product that will deliver the best results and offer the most value for the money spent. There are several excellent companies that offer quality male enhancement products that work exactly as claimed.

Unfortunately - as with all popular products - there are also a lot of inferior 'knock-off' imitator products, as well as downright scams that are simply trying to take your money. We feel confident that if you stick with any of our top ten consumer rated products you will be completely thrilled and more than satisfied.

If you choose a product that isn't on the list, please do your homework and find out as much as you possibly can about it. A quality sexual enhancer will dramatically improve your sex life and should be chosen carefully. When choosing a male sexual enhancer, there are several questions you should keep in mind.

What to consider when choosing a male sexual enhancer:

  • Does the product have verified clinical studies proving that it works?
  • Does the product have at least 1 (preferably more) medical and doctor endorsements?
  • Does the product have an official website and does it look professional?
  • Does the product website include actual customer testimonials?
  • Is the product backed with a 100% money back guarantee?
  • What is the company's reputation and how long have they been in business?
  • Does the company disclose the product's ingredients?
  • Is the product known to be safe or does it contain dangerous ingredients like Yohimbe?

These are a few important points to remember when choosing a penis enhancement capsule or any sexual enhancer. If you find out the answers to these questions you will save yourself a lot of problems and end up with much better results. Compare Naturally Huge capsules to VigRX Plus and then decide for yourself which is the better choice.

We rate penis enlargement capsules using several criteria including customer testimonials, safety, value, medical studies, customer service, money back guarantees, and - most importantly - which ones produce the best results.

Below is the information that we have gathered from customer feedback, our own research, and medical studies. We hope this comparison between Naturally Huge and VigRX Plus will help you find the penis enhancement capsule that will provide the best results for you.

Naturally Huge


naturally huge User Rating: #39
naturally huge ratingnaturally huge rated 2-starspenis pill ratingpenis pill ratingpenis pill rating
Naturally Huge

Manufactured By:

Bio Vita Labs
Palo Alto, CA
visit get naturally huge websiteUSA

Product Review:

Naturally Huge capsules are a new male enhancement product which claims to dramatically increase penis size. Naturally Huge is manufactured by a company called Bio Vita Labs LLC, and sold through the product website at Naturally Huge pills have been around for quite a short time, and are not one of the better known enhancement products for men.

Naturally Huge Capsule Product Claims:

  • Increase penis size "up to 35%"

Expected Results:

It's unclear what results, if any, men can expect with Naturally Huge capsules. While Naturally Huge does contain 1 or 2 ingredients known to help male sexual function, when we see a website crammed with statements like "My junk is full, pumped and longer than a Subway sandwich", we are naturally quite skeptical and find it hard to take this product seriously as a legitimate, medically proven male enhancement formula.

Because our consumer recommended penis pills provide much more dramatic results for erectile function, increased penis size, and sexual stamina, it makes it pretty hard to recommend Naturally Huge as a top choice for men.

naturally huge reviewProduct Guarantee: 60 Days

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naturally huge  ingredients

See all the VigRX Plus ingredients


Naturally Huge - Full Review



Naturally Huge - Review

naturally huge male enhancement pillsNaturally Huge capsules are an herbal blend which claims to increase penis size and help you "get big fast". There is some confusion regarding the product name, as Naturally Huge is a product that existed several years ago - that eventually went out of business. However, that was a different product from a different company, and the 'new' version of Naturally Huge is distributed by a company called Bio Vita Labs. As far as we can tell, this company is based in Palo Alto, California - but it's been hard to verify as the company website at is no longer operational. From the Naturally Huge website:

"It’s the ultimate Feeling of Power in the BEDROOM - While terms like hung, large and bigger are thrown around on a daily basis, Naturally Huge is reserved for the elite . . .Only guys hanging over 8 inches limp can legitimately be called Naturally Huge . . . Look of Fear in Her Eyes - When you are going to bed with a new lover for the first time, you can almost see a look of fear in her eyes as she sees how big you are. When you’re Naturally Huge, you just look different. Your Penis is thick and dense– like slabs of beef…A New York Strip . . . The Head looks swollen and heavy and the shaft looks like its been etched by a jackhammer, while veins resemble a Rand McNally Map.

What can we say - sometimes it works too well and your penis can get even larger than our projection charts. Please do not get carried away and consume double or triple the dosage as some have done. The warning is required as a result of three different men NOT following instructions and took so much Naturally Huge over a longer than recommended period of time and saw their penis get literally gigantic. Naturally Huge is 100% safe, or we wouldn't have received authorization to sell it. However, you must follow the directions. Do not exceed three pills a day and do not consume for longer than one year and you will not experience any side effects - except for extreme happiness and pride at the new size of your penis!"

While there is nothing actually dangerous or harmful in this formula, unfortunately Naturally Huge has several shortcomings as a male sexual enhancer and these make it very hard to recommend Naturally Huge as a product that offers the best value for men. The website's homepage is filled with a dazzling array of scientific claims and confusing theories involving "reverse Nitric Oxide pathways" and "Vasometrix complex' proprietary blends. While Naturally Huge does contain a few good ingredients for sexual performance like Tribulus and Muira Puama, it doesn't contain nearly as many as most male enhancement formulas.

Naturally Huge is generally not well known as the website has only been around since October 2010. If you've heard of Naturally Huge it's probably from a website called "Sex Pill Guru" which recommends Naturally Huge as their #1 choice - and features Ron Jeremy as their spokesman. This should be taken with a grain of salt, as Ron Jeremy has endorsed several male enhancement products over the years including VigRX Plus and Extenze - products he now derides on his new website. While we appreciate that Ron Jeremy is a proud capitalist, it's important to note that Ron seems willing to endorse any product that pays him appropriately. It's also important to note that when a product you've never heard of is recommended #1 by only one product review site - there's a good chance that the review site either owns that product themselves or is getting a piece of the pie for recommending them. Especially when the person doing the recommending endorses a new product seemingly every year!

While Naturally Huge seems like a decent male enhancement formula, unfortunately their website is severely over-hyped and makes several claims which border somewhere between comical and ridiculous. The website contains several official looking warnings telling men not to exceed the recommended dosage or risk "seeing their penis get literally gigantic." In addition they make completely outrageous comparisons, including a graphic which compares Naturally Huge's dosage of 2 pills per day versus mystery "competitor products" which require you to take "8, 10, or 12 pills everyday"! Aside from being completely ridiculous, this is patently false as we have been an industry watchdog for over a decade and have never seen a product that required you to take anywhere near this many pills. This company would do well to simply present honest, factual information about their product and forget the hype, outrageous claims, and questionable scientific jargon.

We provide the following information regarding Naturally Huge for review, but please be aware that some of this information was provided by the Naturally Huge website, and we can't confirm the accuracy of every claim or statement.


Naturally Huge - Product Claims

  • Increase penis size "up to 35%"


Naturally Huge - Guarantee

Naturally Huge has a 60 day money back guarantee. One page claims the guarantee even includes shipping, however the guarantee page says shipping is not included.


Naturally Huge - Dosage

Unclear - website graphic shows the dosage as 2 capsules, however the product ingredient label specifies 3 capsules as the serving size.


Naturally Huge - Cost

  • $39.99 for one bottle - 1 month supply
  • $79.97 for three bottles - 3 month supply
  • $119.95 for five bottles - 5 month supply
  • $159.93 for seven bottles - 7 month supply


Naturally Huge - Testimonial

"Come on! There's no way this would really think I'm gonna believe my penis is gonna grow from taking this stuff? But like all dudes out there, I wanted a bigger penis so why not. It came with a guarantee so if i didn't work, i'd just get my money back. To my absolute shock and surprise, this Naturally Huge stuff works -- my penis got fuller, my erections were stiff as a board and even during oral I was able to last longer. Cool product, kind of funny name but who cares when you get these kinds of results. I didn't tell my girl what I took so she thinks it's all her, haha. She's hot and everything but I got Naturally Huge to thank for the "new" me." - Colby, Pittsburgh - VA


Naturally Huge - Ingredients

The ingredients in Naturally Huge are L-Arginine, L-Citruline, Long Jack, 1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCL, Maca Root, Long Pepper, Muira Puama, Tribulus Terrestris, Avena Sativa, Tribulus Aquaticus, Trichopus Zeylanicus, Vitis Vinifera, and Arginine Nitrate.


Naturally Huge - Side Effects

There are no known side effects associated with taking Naturally Huge. According to the product website, exceeding the recommended daily dosage may result in your penis becoming "literally gigantic".


Naturally Huge - Bonuses

Current Naturally Huge Free Bonuses:

  • No free bonus offers with purchase


Naturally Huge - Medical Endorsements

Naturally Huge has no doctor or medical endorsements.


Naturally Huge - Shipping

Naturally Huge shipping cost varies depending on shipping method chosen and destination country.


Naturally Huge - How to Order

Naturally Huge is available to order online through the product website at Order options include ordering Naturally Huge online by credit card or by phone.


Naturally Huge - Conclusion

get naturally huge reviewsNaturally Huge is certainly not the worst male enhancement formula we have reviewed, although it's not even close to being the best. While the formula itself appears to be not that bad, unfortunately - like many products in this industry - they have chosen to hype their product in a way that makes consumers very wary. The Naturally Huge website is extremely sketchy, making several silly and comical statements about how your penis will be "thick and dense - like slabs of beef.... A New York Strip...etched by a jackhammer, while veins resemble a Rand McNally Map..." Seriously? This site seems to be targeting men with low self-esteem who have problems picking up girls - and looking to capitalize on their insecurities. We think most men are looking for proven enhancement supplements backed by clinical research - not products with claims like "my junk is full, pumped and longer than a Subway sandwich!"

While we don't see anything harmful in Naturally Huge, the formula contains only a few ingredients specifically used to improve sexual performance or penile size, which leads us to believe it's designed as more of an 'energy boosting' supplement - especially as it contains caffeine. While the Naturally Huge formula does contain a small amount of helpful ingredients for sexual improvement, as you can see from the ingredients chart above - it doesn't contain nearly as many as the leading male enhancement formulas. On the plus side, Naturally Huge does have a 60-day money back guarantee, and the price is reasonable - although there are a number of more effective products available for the same price.

Naturally Huge makes several questionable claims on the product website, probably the biggest of which is the claim that Naturally Huge is "Documented the World's Most Powerful Male Enhancement Formula." While the company itself may believe this to be true, certainly no product has ever been documented to be the world's most powerful enhancement formula, so false claims like this make the company's honesty and integrity come into question. As we've said - the Naturally Huge formula is not that bad - however many things about this product and company would make us leery about sending them our money. We are always hesitant to recommend a product that's been around for a very short time and makes outrageous or inaccurate claims - and unfortunately Naturally Huge falls into this category.

In a nutshell, if you're considering Naturally Huge as a sexual enhancer, you can undoubtedly find superior products for the same money. If you're looking for a male sexual enhancer that will provide dramatic and proven results, then Naturally Huge probably isn't for you. There are several superior products like VigRX Plus, Prexil, and Prosolution Pills that have been around for many years and have a proven track record of integrity and results. We find it extremely hard to recommend Naturally Huge for sexual enhancement when there are several more effective and more affordable options readily available. Our customer feedback indicates a user rating of #39 for Naturally Huge, far behind the top male enhancement products.


VigRX Plus


vigrxplus is the consumer's choice

vigrx plus pills


User Rating: #1
vigrx plus rated 5-starspenis pill ratingpenis pill ratingpenis pill ratingpenis pill rating
VigRx Plus

Manufactured By:
visit the vigrxplus site
Leading Edge Herbals
2414 4th Avenue
Greeley, CO
United States of America

Product Review:

VigRX Plus is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and effective male enhancement products you can buy, and has consistently been one of the top selling enhancement pills on the market. VigRX Plus is endorsed and recommended by several renowned doctors and medical specialists including Dr. Steven Lamm, author of "The Hardness Factor" and resident doctor on ABC's popular TV show 'The View'. (see Dr. Lamm's testimonial) VigRX Plus is consistently chosen as the most effective penis enlargement capsule in consumer feedback surveys.

VigRX Plus Product Claims:

  • Bigger, Harder, Longer Lasting Erections
  • Increased Sexual Stamina and Sex Drive
  • More Powerful, Intense Orgasms
  • No More Premature Ejaculation

Expected Results:

According to user reviews and customer feedback, you should start to see sexual improvements within the first week or two of usage. Increased sex drive, thicker erections, and improved hardness are some of the immediate benefits you should notice. As time goes on, you can expect a size increase up to 3 inches in erection size and up to 30% increase in girth depending on how long you continue to use VigRX Plus.

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vigrx plus is the expert's choiceProduct Guarantee: 67 Days

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  • Longer, harder erections
  • More powerful and intense orgasms
  • Improved erectile function
  • No more Premature Ejaculation!


VigRX Plus - Full Review



VigRX Plus - Review

couple who used penis enlargement pillsVigRX Plus capsules were developed by Albion Medical and have proven to be the most successful male enhancement product ever sold. VigRX Plus is an improved formula from the Original VigRX which was introduced almost 10 years ago and was almost single-handedly responsible for the creation of the herbal male enhancement industry.

VigRX was already an award winning product but their medical research team added 3 important new ingredients including Bioperine which is clinically proven to aid in the body's absorption of supplements. This resulted in the ultra potent VigRX Plus formula which is hands down the undisputed leader in penis enhancement capsules. From the VigRX Plus website:

"Almost a decade ago, our formulator set out to develop a safe and powerful formula that would eliminate the sexual difficulties that millions of men are quietly suffering with. Fast forward to today and Leading Edge Health has developed the world's leading male sexual enhancement product, VigRX Plus, helping tens of thousands of men from every corner of the globe banish the #1 male fear of inadequate penis size!

VigRX Plus™ is the penis enhancement product that delivers the most results in the shortest time. You'll have a larger penis when you're aroused, with greater erection capacity and longer-lasting sexual performance. Traditionally, the medical community has taken a reactionary approach to sexual dysfunction by responding to problems with aggressive prescriptions or invasive surgery. Unfortunately, these methods often cause unwanted and even dangerous side effects.

Attempts to enhance penis size through non-medical methods usually mean ineffective exercises, or even worse, manipulations that brutalize the penis with weights, straps, rings or pumps. In fact, Medical Doctors, typically resistant to herbal and naturopathic healing, are now endorsing VigRX Plus for male sexual enhancement."

VigRX Plus includes several amino acids (the building blocks of protein) plus potent herbal concentrates found in China, South America, and Europe. Each of these ingredients has been proven over decades - or even centuries - to strengthen and expand erectile tissue, increase penis size, delay ejaculation, and stimulate sexual activity and desire.

VigRX Plus comes with an excellent money back guarantee, and this company's reputation for quality and customer support is probably the best in the business. If you're looking for a product that's clinically proven to increase erection size and improve sexual performance, VigRX Plus is probably your best choice.


VigRX Plus - Product Claims

  • Bigger, Harder, Longer Lasting Erections
  • Increased Sexual Stamina and Sex Drive
  • More Powerful, Intense Orgasms
  • No More Premature Ejaculation
  • Improved Confidence and Better Sexual Health


VigRX Plus - Guarantee

VigRX Plus offers a "no questions asked" money back guarantee for 67-days. We are not aware of any instances of this company failing to honor their money back guarantee.


VigRX Plus - Dosage

Take 2 VigRX Plus capsules daily. Monthly supply is 60 capsules.


VigRX Plus - Cost

  • $76.99 for one box - one month supply
  • $205.99 for 3 boxes - three month supply
  • $384.99 for 6 boxes - six month supply (you save $77)
  • $489.99 for Diamond Package - one year supply (You save $434) **Best Deal**


VigRX Plus - Testimonial

"My confidence level skyrocketed"

"Before being introduced to VigRX Plus, I lacked the confidence I needed to perform sexually in the bedroom. But after just 3 weeks of use, my erections are stronger and bigger - and my staying power is amazing. At first I was a little worried if VigRX Plus could help me. But now I not only have confidence in myself, I have confidence in VigRX Plus." - Andrew H.


VigRX Plus - Ingredients

VigRX Plus contains a number of potent ingredients including Bioperine, Damiana, Tribulus Terrestris, Epimedium Leaf Extract, Ginkgo Biloba, Asian Red Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, Muira Pauma, Catuaba Bark, and Hawthorn Berry. VigRX Plus also contains additional patented proprietary ingredients that their competitors don't have access to because they are trademarked exclusively to the VigRX formula.


VigRX Plus - Side Effects

VigRX Plus is completely safe and there are no reported side effects associated with using VigRX Plus capsules.


VigRX Plus - Bonuses

Current VigRX Plus Free Bonuses:

  • Free Bottle of Semenax Volume Capsules
  • 1 'For Men Only' Exercise CD
  • Free Bottle of Nexus Pheromones
  • Free Express Shipping
  • BetterSexMall $25 Discount Card


VigRX Plus - Medical Endorsements

VigRX Plus has by far the most endorsements by recognized experts of any sexual enhancer, and is endorsed by several well known and respected doctors including Dr. Michael A. Carter and Dr. Steven Lamm - author of "The Hardness Factor" and resident doctor on ABC's popular TV show 'The View' (see Dr. Lamm's testimonial). VigRX Plus is also endorsed by several noted Naturopaths and backed by several independent clinical studies proving it's effectiveness.


VigRX Plus - Shipping

Free Express Shipping on certain size VigRX Plus orders. All orders discreetly packaged and shipped next business day via express courier.


VigRX Plus - How to Order

There are several options available for buying VigRX Plus. You can order VigRX Plus securely online through the official website using a variety of methods. Order options include ordering online, by mail, fax, or phone. Currently accepts all credit cards and most debit cards.


VigRX Plus - Conclusion

get free vigrx plusWe feel that VigRX Plus is certainly the undisputed leader for helping men with penis size and erectile problems. They have an unmatched success rate and in addition to increased erection size and firmness, sexual stamina and enjoyment are also noticeably heightened.

Customer feedback indicates the average gains with this product will be between 2-3 inches, usually in a 4-6 month period. Improvements in erection firmness and duration will be noticed almost immediately, as will improvement in delaying ejaculation.

VigRX Plus is manufactured in FDA approved and cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified Pharmaceutical facilities, ensuring your safety and giving you the peace of mind in knowing what you're getting in every box - and every capsule - of VigRX Plus. This product is extremely effective, completely safe, and very affordable, and these are some of the many reasons that this product has repeatedly earned our #1 User Rating. VigRX Plus works for over 95% of men and is backed with an iron-clad 67-day guarantee if you're not completely satisfied. Find out more.


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VigRX Plus - Penis Enhancement Pills for Better Sex.

Over 2 million men have already used these penis enhancement pills to dramatically increase their penis size and sexual stamina, improve erectile function, and provide more satisfaction and pleasure for themselves and their partner.

All of our consumer recommended products have proven repeatedly that they work, but VigRX Plus has shown in numerous clinical studies and through customer feedback to be the strongest male enhancement formula you can buy. We encourage you to try VigRX Plus completely risk free and start experiencing the thrill of a longer, thicker penis, stronger orgasms, and all-night staying power!


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