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Roaring Tiger


roaring tiger bottleUser Rating: #7
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Roaring Tiger

Manufactured By:

RT Naturals LLC.
26895 Aliso Creek Rd #B143
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 - USA

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Product Review:

Roaring Tiger Pills are one of the newer male enhancement products and have been around for a couple of years. The Roaring Tiger product is marketed as a "virility pill" and its main focus is on eliminating premature ejaculation and strengthening erections. Roaring Tiger pills have shown to provide several benefits for the men taking them.

Roaring Tiger Pills Product Claims:

  • Heightened Libido & Sex Drive
  • Increased Sexual Sensitivity
  • Increased Bloodflow to the Penis
  • More Intense, Satisfying Orgasms

Expected Results:

While not one of the top 5 male enhancement products, we do consider Roaring Tiger to be a good male enhancement product. Increased stamina, harder erections, and more intense orgasms are some of the benefits you should experience in the first few weeks of using Roaring Tiger. Be aware that Roaring Tiger is a virility supplement and will not increase penis size - but it should definitely help with premature ejaculation as well as provide stronger and harder erections, and more intense orgasms.

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roaring tiger pillsProduct Guarantee: 21 Days


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Roaring Tiger - Full Review



Roaring Tiger - Review

roaring tiger virility pillsRoaring Tiger capsules have been around for a couple of years now and are sold through the company website at They are one of the newer products in the male enhancement industry and our customer feedback indicates that Roaring Tiger is a good overall male enhancement capsule. From the Roaring Tiger website:

"Roaring Tiger Virility Pills delivers real results after the very first dose. Its potent ingredients put Roaring Tiger Virility Pills as the premier frontrunner of premature ejaculation treatments, miles ahead of the competition. Through its clinically proven formula, Roaring Tiger minimizes premature ejaculations and puts the ferociousness back in your sex life.

Roaring Tiger was developed under the guidance of an experienced medical staff committed to developing a formula that would solve premature ejaculation – without the need for invasive surgical procedures. Leveraging its innovative blend of scientifically proven ingredients, Roaring Tiger Virility Pills are unrivaled in the marketplace for treating premature ejaculation."

Roaring Tiger capsules contain several herbs known for their effect on erectile function, sexual stamina, and orgasm intensity. The ingredients in Roaring Tiger work to quickly improve blood flow to the penis and to stimulate neural activity involving the sex glands. The Roaring Tiger virility pills will not result in an increase in penis length or width and are best suited for men looking to fix premature ejaculation problems or enhance erectile function.

Although not as established as our top 5 male enhancement products, Roaring Tiger appears to have developed a good male enhancer that will help many men achieve their sexual enhancement goals.


Roaring Tiger - Product Claims

  • Heightened Libido & Sex Drive
  • Increased Sexual Sensitivity
  • Increased Bloodflow to the Penis
  • More Intense, Satisfying Orgasms


Roaring Tiger - Guarantee

Roaring Tiger offers a 21-day money back guarantee on "unused/unopened" bottles only.


Roaring Tiger - Dosage

1-2 Roaring Tiger capsules taken daily - monthly supply is 48 capsules.


Roaring Tiger - Cost

  • $49.95 for one bottle - one month supply
  • $119.88 for 3 bottles - three month supply
  • $209.79 for 6 bottles - six month supply (30% off)


Roaring Tiger - Testimonial

There are no Roaring Tiger customer testimonials posted on the website at this time.


Roaring Tiger - Ingredients

Roaring Tiger contains a number of herbal ingredients including L-Arginine, Bioperine, LJ100, Avena Sativa, Catuaba, Muira Puama Extract, Gotu Kola Powder, Niacin, and Horny goat weed.


Roaring Tiger - Side Effects

There are no reported side effects associated with using Roaring Tiger capsules.


Roaring Tiger - Bonuses

Current Roaring Tiger Free Bonuses:

  • No bonuses with Roaring Tiger


Roaring Tiger - Medical Endorsements

Roaring Tiger is approved and endorsed by several doctors.


Roaring Tiger - Shipping

Shipping via Global Express - cost varies depending on location.


Roaring Tiger - How to Order

There are several options available for buying Roaring Tiger. You can order Roaring Tiger securely online through the official website. Currently accepts all credit cards and most debit cards.


Roaring Tiger - Conclusion

get a free sample of roaring tigerWe feel that Roaring Tiger is a good male enhancement product, although certainly not the post potent enhancement formula men can buy. It's important to note that Roaring Tiger is not a penis enhancement formula and will not increase penis size. The primary focus of Roaring Tiger is to help eliminate premature ejaculation and increase sexual stamina.

Customer feedback indicates the best gains with Roaring Tiger will be noticed over a period of weeks with increased sexual stamina and stronger erections starting to occur within the first 2-4 weeks. You'll notice many benefits like harder, longer-lasting erections, increased orgasm intensity, and improved sexual stamina.

Be forewarned that although you can get a free sample of Roaring Tiger, when you sign up for this you agree to join the "Autoship" program, and will eventually be sent more product unless you call to cancel. For this reason we encourage men to simply order a fixed number of bottles and avoid being forced to join and then cancel the autoship program. We would like to see Roaring Tiger offer a stronger money back guarantee, but overall we rate Roaring Tiger as a safe, affordable, and effective male enhancement product - and that's why this product has earned our #7 User Rating. Find out more.


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Roaring Tiger - Penis Enhancement Pills for Better Sex.

Over 100,000 men have already successfully used Roaring Tiger male enhancement pills to increase sexual stamina, improve erectile function, provide stronger orgasms, and provide more satisfaction and pleasure for themselves and their partner.

All of our consumer recommended products have proven repeatedly that they work, but Roaring Tiger has shown through customer feedback to be the one of the better male enhancement formulas you can buy. We encourage you to try Roaring Tiger completely risk free and start experiencing the thrill of a harder erection, stronger orgasms, and improved sexual function!


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